DEFY DIABETES and Joe Gibbs partnered together to DEFY DIABETES in NASCAR with the number 54 DEFY DIABETES Toyota Tundra truck on Friday with up-and-coming racing prodigy Darrell Wallace Jr. It was an exciting race where we saw Darrell make some impressive moves to avoid crashes and end up with a 12th place finish. Darrell commented on his truck series debut: "I can't thank and Toyota enough for giving me this opportunity. I had a lot of fun. I didn't come over the radio and say it, but I was out there thinking, 'This is awesome.' It was really fun. There were times when it was nerve wracking, but we made it through with very few scratches." We had so much fun connecting with people around the track and hearing their stories and see how responsive people are to the call to DEFY DIABETES.

We're so proud of Darrell and excited to DEFY DIABETES with Joe Gibbs moving forward.

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