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We know managing diabetes is an all-day, everyday challenge. That’s why Defy Diabetes is committed to developing useful, innovative apps to help you thrive with your diabetes. From knowledge about diabetes to help making better choices, we’ll continue to develop ways to improve your life with diabetes, right in your pocket. Check out our first two apps below and stay tuned for new apps to come!


Defying Diabetes means you make countless choices about what’s best for your health. All of those decisions can be a burden – especially when you are doing it on your own.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. mel helps you make choices to take control of diabetes every day. She breaks down decisions into manageable pieces and encourages you to make better choices. Plus, you’ll be rewarded for interacting with mel. mel users can also share their ideas and encourage each other online. Registration is free – register now and see how she can help you Defy Diabetes.


If you have diabetes, you know that monitoring your blood glucose level is key. You need to know what affects blood glucose levels, in what ways, and how those changes levels affect you. Why not get rewarded for educating yourself?

The Gluco-Bingo game pairs learning about blood glucose levels with the game you know and love, and rewards you with sweepstakes entries for answers you get right. You could win an iPad, a grocery gift card or other prizes, but most importantly, you’ll get more tools and tips for controlling your blood glucose levels and Defying Diabetes.


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