Acts of Defiance

We believe that, to DEFY DIABETES, every day requires a renewing of the mind and rededication to the fight, and that small choices made every day make a huge impact in quality of life over time. We’ve created ACTS of DEFIANCE as a challenge for our community to stand up to diabetes and take control.

Sign up below and each time we introduce a new act of defiance for the community to take part in, we'll let you know. We’ll share the act of defiance on the DEFY DIABETES blog, Twitter, Facebook and send you a reminder via email. Then you get defiant by:

  • Leaving a comment here on
  • RT the challenge or share on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
  • Create your own comment on twitter using #actsofdefiance to @defydiabetes
  • Post an image online, using #actsofdefiance on Twitter or Instagram
  • Take our diabetes risk assessment and post your score

The best part is, we’ll have fun prizes for taking part in the challenges and sharing with others, so sign up today!

Click on an image below to see how you can DEFY DIABETES

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