Together We Defy

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This isn’t just my fight.

It’s not your fight.

This is our fight.

And together we can Defy Diabetes.

Defy Diabetes represents a vision to connect people living with diabetes and pre-diabetes with a system of support that surrounds their everyday lives.

To Defy Diabetes, we must band together and generate a movement towards something new. A movement that involves all of us. You. Me. Us. Them. We.

And we believe it’s possible.

We believe small choices made every day will make a huge impact in quality of life.

We believe we all have a responsibility to act and an opportunity to make an impact because fighting diabetes means serving the entire person, not just the symptoms.

We believe strength can be everywhere but requires meeting people wherever they are and building a community of support for any point of their day at any location.

We believe the fight is worth it and every day requires a renewing of our minds and a rededication to the fight.

We believe it’s time to get up, lock arms and Defy Diabetes.
Are you ready? Let’s do this.
Defy Diabetes.


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