Defy Diabetes Manifesto

Diabetes facts are daunting. The statistics show rapid growth.

If left unchecked it will overtake us. By 2020, half of all Americans will develop diabetes or pre-diabetes. The personal costs are immeasurable and the economic burden is spiraling out of control. Right now, the cost of diabetes in the U.S. exceeds $174 billion a year. That’s billion… with a B.

Today, 27 million Americans have diabetes… and more than 25 percent of them don’t even know it. Most that do are engaged in a war for their lives without the support they need to survive. This disease is a movement. Diabetes is an epidemic that will affect all of us in our lifetime.

Unless we stand up to Defy Diabetes.

We believe in another movement. A movement that involves all of us. A movement toward something new, unlike anything that’s ever been done for people living with this disease. Defy Diabetes represents a vision to connect people living with diabetes and pre-diabetes with a system of support that surrounds their everyday lives.

From big brand America to the closest loved ones, we all must play a role in the system of support. Because they need us. They need strength.

This network of strength must be constantly available, everywhere, to help treat, reduce and defy the overwhelming burden that diabetes places on all of us and slow down one of the most dangerous and costly health epidemics of this and future generations.

Diabetes is a movement. Our challenge is to make sure it moves in the right direction. Let’s Defy Diabetes together.


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